About us

Litoria Consulting is an expanding environmental consultancy with highly specialised and dedicated professional staff in the areas of environment, economics and planning. Litoria believe in taking a science-based approach that results in robust and transparent outcomes. Our team of experienced specialists include qualified botanists, wildlife ecologists, environmental scientists, water quality scientists and modellers, and environmental economists.

Our experience in total project life cycle has allowed us to serve our clients from ‘due diligence’ – identifying environmental constraints and project design, assessment and approval requirements – to ‘practical completion’ – through the provision of construction environmental management and auditing. Our total project life cycle and policy experience allows Litoria Consulting to foresee potential environmental issues at an early stage, determine assessment and management requirements and assist in cost-effective solutions; avoiding unnecessary and costly delays.

This approach has allowed Litoria Consulting to provide specialist services to a range of clients including: Local, State and Commonwealth governments; Property development sector (residential, commercial, industrial & institutional); Agricultural sector; Tourism sector; and the Mining and energy sector.

Litoria Consulting’s key service areas include:

  • Flora and fauna identification, assessment and management
  • Vegetation identification, assessment and management
  • Environmental legislation and approvals strategy planning
  • Environmental management plans
  • Soils and land assessment and management
  • Spatial analysis through the use of Geographical Information Systems
  • Bushfire hazard assessment and management
  • Surface and ground water assessment and management
  • Coastal and marine assessment and management
  • Biosecurity and waste management
  • Sustainability and economics

Dan Clowes

Dan Clowes


Kaleena Fry

Kaleena Fry

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