Who: Moreton Bay Regional Council
What: Water Quality Study
When: 2009
Where: Bibimulya Street Constructed Wetlands, Bribie Island
Why: The Bibimulya Wetland is a highly modified constructed wetland that is located adjacent to urban development on Bibimulya Street, Bellara on Bribie Island. The system has been artificially constructed to manage urban drainage (flood mitigation/stormwater quantity management) and also to improve runoff water quality. The system consists of a series of interconnected wet ponds, drainage links and adjacent dry detention/flood storage areas. The purpose of the project was to investigate perceived water quality and odour issues associated with the wetland.
Outcomes: A number of physical, chemical and biological measures of water quality as well as sediment chemistry were sampled and tested. The results of these tests indicated that hypoxia may occur on or near the bottom of the pond under certain environmental conditions and a number of circumstances were identified that may be contributing to the water quality and odour issues.
Simple management measures that could improve the water quality of the wetlands were suggested, including:

  • Establishment of emergent macrophytes
  • Retro-fitting of best practices including gross pollutant traps and sedimentation settling basins.

Report Extract: Riparian water quality report