Koala Habitat Assessment

A Koala Habitat Assessment (KHA) is a specialised fauna assessment that helps our clients to understand the potential impact that development and other associated practices can have on koala habitat values. This form of specialised assessment allows litoria to advise clients on the statutory requirements of activities conducted in koala habitat areas, as well as assess any potential impacts to koala habitat values from these activities. In addition, litoria helps clients to use this information when developing strategies that both mitigate potential risks to koala habitat and further promote better environmental outcomes for koalas.

litoria does this by:

  • conducting a thorough site inspection and koala survey
  • assessing potential koala habitat values associated with a site
  • determining any potential impacts on koala habitat values in accordance with local, state and federal government statutory requirements, and;
  • making recommendations that can be used to achieve sound koala habitat management strategies for our clients.

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