Vegetation Offset Assessments

Vegetation offsets provide a mechanism for development to proceed while ensuring the long-term conservation of vegetation communities. The basic premise of offsets is that development ensures no net less of species or vegetation community or habitat through assisted regeneration of an ‘ecologically equivalent’ habitat elsewhere. From vegetation management offsets to fisheries habitat offsets, Litoria Consulting’s team of qualified environmental scientists has minimised client regulatory burden and streamlined the approval process through the early identification of offset requirements. We have demonstrated success in all aspects of offsets, be it policy, application, assessment, implementation or monitoring.

Our experience in the delivery of vegetation offsets stems from more than a decade of experience in design and project management of revegetation works. Added to this experience, our species-specific knowledge of plants and vegetation community dynamics, means that we understand the ecosystem processes of regeneration which are vital to offset delivery. This allows us to ex ante identify project risks and rapidly devise management solutions.

Our environmental scientists are trained in the monitoring of vegetation offsets (biocondition) and relevant reporting requirements – minimising client regulatory burden and ensuring the successful delivery of offsets. Our approach to the delivery of offsets is predicated by the following principles:

  • Knowledge and understanding of ecosystem process and vegetation community dynamics;
  • Exemplary project planning and quality assurance;
  • Providing value-for-money through sound project management;
  • Minimising client risks and regulatory burden;
  • Providing a safe working environment for staff; and,
  • Ensuring protection of the natural environment.

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