Who: Moreton Bay Regional Council
What: Survey of koala populations in the Moreton Bay Region
When: 2009
Where: Moreton Bay Region
Why: It is generally accepted that koala populations are declining within South East Queensland. litoria consulting was engaged to undertake a survey of koalas in bushland and urban areas within the Moreton Bay Region as part of the effort to understand the dynamics of koala populations within the area. Previous surveys had been undertaken in 2001 and 2007 and one of the main objectives of this project was to examine how koala populations have changed through time within the Moreton Bay Region in order to guide future policy.
Outcomes: Results suggest that koala populations are declining in the Moreton Bay Region. Certainly at current rates, trends for bushland sites are unsustainable. Results infer that management efforts targeting bushland habitat conservation only are likely to be unsuccessful and a strategy which also addresses urban and peri-urban habitats are likely to be important.

Report Extract: Koala Densities.pdf