Who: Churches of Christ Queensland
What: Site-Based Stormwater Management Plan
When: 2010
Where: Bongaree
Why: A Site-Based Stormwater Management Plan was commissioned in 2010 to assess and make recommendations on strategies that would minimise the impact of development runoff on surrounding water bodies. The Site-Based Stormwater Management Plan examines specific stormwater treatment measures and presents modelling data to demonstrate efficacy.
Outcomes: Stormwater quality modelling was undertaken by litoria in accordance with local and state codes and planning schemes. A treatment design model was used to achieve the adopted water quality objectives based upon the principles of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) and applicable Council criteria and other guidelines.The results of the SBSMP modelling indicated that the site complied with all adopted water quality objectives as per WSUD, Council and other associated criteria.


Appendix Extract: Stormwater management modelling diagram.pdf