With wildfires being inherent to Australia’s natural environment, bushfire hazard risk assessment and risk management is a crucial aspect of development planning assessments in Australia. Litoria’s unique blend of technical prowess and environmental stewardship places us at the forefront of bushfire hazard assessment and management.

Supporting our leading bushfire expertise is:

  • 30+ years of experience in bushfire risk assessment,
  • Proprietary bushfire hazard assessment and modeling methodologies,
  • Our history of development of large-scale regional bushfire hazard mapping for local jurisdictions.

Our team specializes in the meticulous spatial analysis and assessment of fuel resources and vegetation. Leveraging our proprietary advanced bushfire predictive model, we can accurately forecast potential bushfire pathways and intensity, ensuring unparalleled precision in risk assessment and management strategies. Our work extends across Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia, reflecting our deep understanding of the land’s diverse character.

Rather than just subjective assessment of hazard loading factors, Litoria Consulting uses sophisticated spatial analysis and geographical information systems to accurately identify bushfire hazard areas. This quantitative approach reduces risk to our clients – their homes, buildings and infrastructure – by providing a reliable assessments of bushfire hazard.

Our bushfire expertise extends to large-scale challenges, assisting councils and fire authorities in strategic planning for bushfire management within their jurisdictions.

Bridging environmental understanding with a practical stance, our bushfire management plans are designed not only to mitigate hazard but also to align with biodiversity conservation and environmental management objectives. This holistic perspective enables us to prescribe site-based management practices that bolster safety while honoring the ecosystem’s balance.

Discover how our seasoned experts can provide peace of mind and bolster your resilience against bushfires. Contact us for an in-depth look into our services and how we make a difference.