Projects we have been working on recently @ litoria consulting:

Arrow Energy – Preliminary Environmental Assessment

Environmental scientists at Litoria Consulting were recently engaged to prepare a Preliminary Environmental Assessment for an Arrow Energy Coal Seam Gas project south west of Chinchilla, Queensland. The purpose of the assessment was to identify environmental features present on the site and determine implications for future development of coal seam gas facilities. The high level of assessment prepared by our team, coupled with our experience with coal seam gas projects allowed Arrow Energy to better understand potential development constraints and opportunities.

Yeronga Pool Redevelopment – Vegetation Management Plan

Litoria Consulting were recently commissioned by Multilevel Sports Management to complete a Vegetation Management Concept Plan as part of the proposed redevelopment of the Yeronga Pool Complex. The purpose of the plan was to assess the impact of the proposed development on native trees and identify measures to mitigate environmental impacts and maintain or improve tee condition. The outcome included a plan that met our client’s needs and provided a balance between redevelopment and conservation.

New Farm Park Cafe – Environmental Management

Following the successful delivery of the environmental planning reports and approvals for the New Farm Park Café development, Litoria Consulting has been engaged by Brisbane City Council to conduct environmental compliance audits as part of the construction phase of the project. The purpose of the audits is to monitor impacts of construction on the environmental values present on site and ensure that the construction complies with the relevant environmental approvals for the development. Litoria’s experience in environmental compliance auditing and management has allowed Council to focus on the project construction, whilst complying with their environmental responsibilities.