Projects we have been working on recently @ litoria consulting:

Schick Investments – Koala Habitat Assessment and Management Plan

Litoria Consulting have recently prepared a Koala Habitat Assessment and Management Plan for a proposed development at Camp Mountain. Our team of ecologists undertook an assessment of koala habitat on the site and prepared a management plan that balanced development outcomes and koala conservation requirements in accordance with the Koala State Planning Regulatory Provisions (Koala SPRP). The report’s findings also demonstrated that the site did not contain ‘bushland habitat’ as mapped under the Koala SPRP, allowing for vegetation clearing to be undertaken without the provision of a koala habitat offset.

Queensland Rail – Environmental Assessments and Approvals

Since the beginning of February, Litoria’s team of environmental scientists have been undertaking environmental assessments associated with the replacement and realignment of existing railway line and timber bridges near Townsville. Our expert team of scientists utilised their multi-disciplinary skill sets to undertake botanical surveys, targeted threatened species fauna surveys, macro-invertebrate surveys, dilapidation surveys and general environmental feature surveys. The results of the fieldwork were compiled into several reports for the client, including Ecological Assessment, Environmental Approvals  and Obligations, Environmental Risk Assessment, Construction Water Quality Guidelines and  Hydrology and Hydraulics Studies. As a value add our scientists also utilised spatial analysis of alignments options versus environmental features to advise Queensland Rail on an alignment that would deliver the least impact on the environment, reduce regulatory burden and ultimately deliver the project on time and within budget.

Deepwater Golf Club – Preliminary Environmental Assessment

Environmental scientists at Litoria Consulting have recently completed a preliminary environmental assessment of a development site located near Bundaberg, Queensland. This project involved identification and assessment of the site’s environmental characteristics with respect to local, State and Commonwealth environmental regulations. The final report provided the client with a clear map of the site environmental constraints and potential development opportunities. The thorough assessment completed by Litoria Consulting’s scientists permits the preparation of a design that delivers the best possible environmental outcomes with the least amount of environmental regulatory burden and associated costs.