Projects we have been working on recently @ litoria consulting:

NBN Co – Protected plants clearing permit.

NBN Co commissioned Litoria Consulting to assist with a protected plants clearing permit for the development of NBN infrastructure on a site near Townsville. Litoria Consulting undertook a botanical survey of the site and successfully lodged the application to obtain the clearing permit. The expertise and efficiency of our botanists allowed the client to continue with their development timeline with zero downtime or impact on the project budget.

Churches of Christ in Queensland – Ecological Assessment Report and UAR Analysis

Churches of Christ in Queensland engaged Litoria Consulting to prepare an Ecological Assessment Report for a proposed development on the Sunshine Coast. Litoria’s team of ecologists undertook an ecological survey of the site and identified a roosting hollow harbouring a population of micro bats.  Litoria’s ecologists deployed Unattended Acoustic Recorders (UAR) to survey the micro bats, subsequently identifying 10 species of micro bats utilising the site. This innovative approach to ecological survey delivered zero impact on the micro bats utilising the site, while avoiding typically labour-intensive, invasive and costly micro bat survey methods such as mist and harp netting.

New Hope Coal – Environmental Assessment

Litoria Consulting was commissioned by New Hope Group to complete several environmental reports relating to ecology, vegetation and bushfire for the proposed redevelopment of a mine site in Queensland. The previous assessments undertaken by Litoria highlighted several environmental and development challenges on the site. To address these challenges, Litoria’s team of scientists used the latest GIS spatial analysis techniques to identify opportunities to maximise conservation outcomes in areas of high biodiversity vale and also identify development opportunities in areas of low environmental value. The spatial analysis techniques used by expert team of scientists is delivering greater accuracy of environmental value over a large development area whilst minimising costs and time otherwise required to conduct labour-intensive field investigations.