Ecological Assessment and Vegetation Management Plan – Runcorn, Queensland

Litoria Consulting was commissioned to undertake several environmental assessments for a proposed subdivision of land at Runcorn, Qld. An initial desktop review revealed that site contained several potential environmental constraints relating to biodiversity conservation and retention of individual trees. Detailed ecological and vegetation surveys to asses mapped versus on ground environmental features identifying several inconsistencies between mapped environmental features and what was actually present on site, which enabled both the protection of significant ecological features and a development footprint which maximised client yield. With over two decades of combined experience in environmental assessment, Litoria reduced regulatory burden and identified opportunities for biodiversity conservation and environmental management measures to improve environmental outcomes on the site.

Bushfire Hazard Assessment and Management Plan – Bundaberg, Queensland

Litoria Consulting was engaged by the Queensland Ambulance Service to assess bushfire hazard as part of a proposed development of new collocated facility for Fire and Ambulance services in Bundaberg.  Using advanced GIS modelling techniques, our team developed a spatial model of the mechanisms of bushfire attack, including potential fire line intensity, potential flame length, potential rate of fire spread and radiant heat profiles. Using the modelling outputs, Litoria’s scientists identified necessary management measures to reduce bushfire attack risk to acceptable or tolerable levels including separation distances to hazardous vegetation, landscaping requirements, water supply, access and construction materials and methods for proposed buildings.