Projects we have been working on recently @ litoria consulting:

Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning – Compliance Assessments

The environmental team at Litoria Consulting have been providing third-party compliance assessment advice to the Queensland Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP) for proposed developments within Priority Development Areas across Queensland. The purpose of these assessments is to provide DSDIP with an independent review of environmental reports against development scheme provisions, development approval conditions and other environmental regulations to determine compliance. With demonstrated experience in environmental planning and approvals, Litoria’s team of environmental scientists have been able to deliver accurate, cost effective and timely independent assessments to the State Government to help them make informed development decisions.

Various Clients – Vegetation Management Plans

Over the past month Environmental Scientists at Litoria Consulting have completed several Vegetation Management Plans relating to the construction of residential, commercial and industrial developments. The purpose of these plans was to assess impacts from construction on trees and recommend management measures to maximise tree retention whilst accommodating development. Litoria’s 10 years of vegetation management experience provided the basis for maximising each projects tree retention and development yields.

Brisbane Racing Club – Waterway Design 

Litoria Consulting was recently commissioned by Racing Queensland to provide ecological services relating to the design of the racecourse infield areas as part of the proposed Eagle Farm and Doomben racecourse redevelopments. The purpose of the advice was to guide the engineering and landscape design of the infield areas to ensure that wetland and waterway habitat for EPBC listed migratory bird species was protected and enhanced. With extensive experience in habitat assessment and waterway rehabilitation design, our team of environmental scientists were able to provide Racing Queensland with an efficient and innovative solution to minimise and offset impacts on existing waterway habitats and provide recommendations for best practise rehabilitation design.