South East Queensland Regional Plan Submission – Elimbah, Queensland

A review of the South East Queensland Regional Plan (SEQRP) is currently being undertaken by the Queensland Government in response to population forecasts. The purpose of regional plans is to identify regional outcomes to help achieve state interests. Regional policies are used to facilitate these outcomes by addressing existing or emerging regional issues, including the allocation of land into one of three regional land use categories: urban footprint, regional landscape and rural production area and rural living area.

In March 2016, Litoria Consulting prepared a submission to the State Government examining opportunities and technical constraints associated with extending the current SEQRP ‘urban footprint’ to include additional areas within the Elimbah locality, north of Brisbane. Via desktop assessment, spatial analysis and using our detailed knowledge of environmental planning requirements, Litoria scientists prepared a detailed submission that assessed broad hectare environmental values and bushfire hazards within the submission’s focus area. Litoria’s submission made several recommendations, including the identification of land which was suitable for inclusion within the ‘urban footprint’ of the SEQRP.

Construction Environmental Management – Queensland

Over the past 3 months, Litoria’s team of environmental managers have been working closely with clients, regulators and builders to ensure that the environmental aspects of our client’s construction projects are managed in accordance with approved plans and development permits. Whether fauna management or protection of trees on development sites, our approach mapped the simplest and most efficient pathway to minimise the likelihood of environmental impacts during construction works; ensuring satisfactory compliance and reducing development risks to our clients.