Projects we have been working on recently @ litoria consulting:

New Tennis Centre at Brisbane Grammar School

The Brisbane Grammar School are upgrading their existing tennis facilities to a premier outdoor Tennis Centre, including the construction of an additional five tennis courts, car parking and clubhouse, which will provide a range of new facilities for students, competitors and supporters. As part of the planning process, Litoria Consulting were engaged by the Brisbane Grammar School to undertake a vegetation survey and develop both a Vegetation Management Plan and a Landscape Concept Plan for the school’s new Tennis Centre. The Landscape Concept Plan has been developed to landscape the site entirely with robust native species, including sub-tropical shade trees, garden beds containing native wildflowers and the planting of stormwater treatment devices. The native planting schedule will not only provide scenic amenity surrounding the new Tennis Centre, but will provide a habitat for native wildlife and produce a drought tolerant/water efficient, low maintenance landscape for the School.