Koala surveys and habitat assessments, Queensland

During the month of August, environmental scientists at Litoria Consulting have been undertaking Koala survey and habitat assessments for several developments throughout Queensland. The surveys were undertaken at various stages of the development project lifecycle, from identifying the presence of Koalas at the due diligence stage, to advising if a proposed development/sale of land required referral under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) (EPBC Act). With over a decade of expertise in Koala survey and habitat assessment, scientists at Litoria were able to advise clients on the regulatory pathways to achieve compliance with  State and Commonwealth Koala regulations. By engaging Litoria our clients are able to rely on the best research, technology and advice when assessing impacts to Koalas on their development sites.

Buddhist retreat development, Gold Coast

Scientists at Litoria Consulting have been assisting with the environmental assessment and reporting for the proposed development a of Buddhist retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland. The proposed development faces several environmental challenges, including addressing impacts  on vegetation, fauna (specifically, the Glossy Black Cockatoo), bushfire and on-site rehabilitation. Since mid-2014, scientists at Litoria have undertaken field investigations, desktop assessments and spatial analysis in order to address environmental matters as well as providing advice to the client on the detailed design. Since engaging Litoria in mid-2014, the client has been able to reduce their impact on the environment, improve their development outcomes and minimise application costs by utilising the multi-disciplinary skill set of Litoria’s scientists.